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hamal star, alpha arietis

Hamal, Alpha Arietis (α Ari) is an orange giant star located in the constellation Aries. With an apparent magnitude of 2.00, it is the brightest… Read More »Hamal


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23 tauri,merope star

Merope, 23 Tauri (23 Tau) is a blue-white subgiant star located in the constellation Taurus. It is one of the brightest stars in the Pleiades… Read More »Merope


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alpha virginis, spica star

Spica, Alpha Virginis (α Vir), is a blue-white spectroscopic binary star located at a distance of 250 light years from Earth in the constellation Virgo.… Read More »Spica


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Epsilon Canis Majoris

Adhara, Epsilon Canis Majoris (ε CMa), is a binary star system located in the constellation Canis Major. It lies at a distance of 430 light… Read More »Adhara


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gamma orionis

Bellatrix, Gamma Orionis (γ Ori), is the third brightest star in Orion constellation, after Rigel and Betelgeuse, and the 26th brightest star in the sky.… Read More »Bellatrix


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sirius star,alpha canis majoris

Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris (α CMa), is the brightest star in the night sky and one of the nearest star systems to Earth. It has… Read More »Sirius