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cursa star,beta eridani

Cursa, Beta Eridani (β Eri), is an A-type giant star located in the constellation Eridanus. With an apparent magnitude of 2.796, it is the second… Read More »Cursa

Deneb Algedi

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deneb algedi star,delta capricorni

Deneb Algedi, Delta Capricorni (δ Cap), is the primary component in a multiple star system located 38.70 light-years away in the constellation Capricornus. With a… Read More »Deneb Algedi

Ross 128

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ross 128 star

Ross 128 is a faint red dwarf star located in the zodiac constellation Virgo. Lying only 11.007 light-years away, it is the 14th individual closest… Read More »Ross 128