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sadalsuud star,beta aquarii,brightest star in aquarius

Sadalsuud, Beta Aquarii (β Aqr), is a yellow supergiant star located in the constellation Aquarius. With an apparent magnitude of 2.87, it is the constellation’s… Read More »Sadalsuud


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aludra star,eta canis majoris

Aludra, Eta Canis Majoris (η CMa) is a blue supergiant located in the constellation Canis Major. It marks the Greater Dog’s tail. With an apparent… Read More »Aludra


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ankaa star,alpha phoenicis

Ankaa, Alpha Phoenicis (α Phe), is a spectroscopic binary star located in the southern constellation Phoenix. The primary component in the system is an orange… Read More »Ankaa


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sabik star,eta ophiuchi

Sabik, Eta Ophiuchi (η Oph), is a binary star system composed of two white subgiant stars located in the constellation Ophiuchus. With a combined apparent… Read More »Sabik


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omicron ceti,mira star

Mira, Omicron Ceti (ο Cet), is an evolved red giant star located in the constellation Cetus. It is a pulsating variable that serves as a… Read More »Mira

Baten Kaitos

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Baten Kaitos star, zeta ceti

Baten Kaitos, Zeta Ceti (ζ Cet), is a double star located in the constellation Cetus. It marks the belly of Cetus, the mythical sea monster… Read More »Baten Kaitos


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alpha ceti,menkar star

Menkar, Alpha Ceti (α Cet), is a red giant star located in the constellation Cetus, the Whale. It is one of the stars that outline… Read More »Menkar