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Zeta Ophiuchi

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zeta ophiuchi star

Zeta Ophiuchi (ζ Oph) is a hot blue subgiant star located 366 light-years away in the constellation Ophiuchus. With an apparent magnitude of 2.57, it… Read More »Zeta Ophiuchi


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gienah star,gamma corvi

Gienah, Gamma Corvi (γ Crv), is the primary component of a binary star system located in the constellation Corvus. With an apparent magnitude of 2.585,… Read More »Gienah


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Marfik star,Lambda Ophiuchi

Marfik, Lambda Ophiuchi A (λ Oph A), is the primary component of the Lambda Ophiuchi triple star system. Located at an approximate distance of 173… Read More »Marfik


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Aludra star,Eta Canis Majoris

Aludra, Eta Canis Majoris (η CMa) is a blue supergiant located in the constellation Canis Major. It marks the Greater Dog’s tail. With an apparent… Read More »Aludra