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Pointer Stars


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pherkad star,gamma ursae minoris

Pherkad, Gamma Ursae Minoris (γ UMi), is a white giant or bright giant star located in the northern constellation Ursa Minor. With an apparent magnitude… Read More »Pherkad


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Kochab star,Beta Ursae Minoris

Kochab, Beta Ursae Minoris (β UMi), is an orange giant star located in the constellation Ursa Minor. With an apparent magnitude of 2.08, it is… Read More »Kochab


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regulus star,alpha leonis,brightest star in leo

Regulus, Alpha Leonis (α Leo), is a multiple star system located in the constellation Leo. It lies at a distance of 79.3 light years from… Read More »Regulus


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merak star,beta ursae majoris

Merak, Beta Ursae Majoris (β UMa) is a blue-white subgiant star in the constellation Ursa Major. It is one of the four bright stars that… Read More »Merak


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dubhe star,alpha ursae majoris

Dubhe, Alpha Ursae Majoris (α UMa) is a spectroscopic binary star with an apparent magnitude of 1.79, located at an approximate distance of 123 light… Read More »Dubhe


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polaris star,north star,alpha ursae minoris

Polaris, Alpha Ursae Minoris (α UMi), commonly known as the North Star, is the closest relatively bright star to the north celestial pole. It lies… Read More »Polaris