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Pi Herculis


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rasalgethi star,alpha herculis

Rasalgethi, Alpha Herculis A (α Her A) is a red supergiant or bright giant located in the northern constellation Hercules, near the border with Ophiuchus.… Read More »Rasalgethi


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Kornephoros star,Beta Herculis

Kornephoros, Beta Herculis (β Her), is a luminous yellow giant star located in the constellation Hercules. With an apparent magnitude of 2.81, it is the… Read More »Kornephoros


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Alphecca star,Alpha Coronae Borealis

Alphecca, Alpha Coronae Borealis (α CrB), is the brightest star in the constellation Corona Borealis, the Northern Crown. Also known as Gemma, Alpha CrB is… Read More »Alphecca