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okab star,zeta aquilae

Okab, Zeta Aquilae A (ζ Aql A), is the primary component in a binary star system located approximately 83 light years away in the constellation… Read More »Okab

La Superba

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La Superba star,Y Canum Venaticorum

La Superba, Y Canum Venaticorum (Y CVn) is a red giant star located in the constellation Canes Venatici. Classified as a carbon star and a… Read More »La Superba

WR 104

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wr 104 star,wolf-rayet star

WR 104 is a young star system consisting of a Wolf-Rayet star and two hot blue main sequence stars. The system lies about 8,400 light… Read More »WR 104

Wolf 359

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wolf 359 star,cn leonis,gj 406

Wolf 359 (CN Leonis) is a faint red dwarf located only 7.86 light years away in the constellation Leo. It is one of the nearest… Read More »Wolf 359


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rasalgethi star,alpha herculis

Rasalgethi, Alpha Herculis A (α Her A) is a red supergiant or bright giant located in the northern constellation Hercules, near the border with Ophiuchus.… Read More »Rasalgethi


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Kornephoros star,Beta Herculis

Kornephoros, Beta Herculis (β Her), is a luminous yellow giant star located in the constellation Hercules. With an apparent magnitude of 2.81, it is the… Read More »Kornephoros

Pistol Star

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pistol star,pistol nebula

The Pistol Star (V4647 Sagittarii) is a blue hypergiant star located in the southern constellation Sagittarius. It is one of the most massive and luminous… Read More »Pistol Star