beta pegasi, scheat star

Scheat, Beta Pegasi (β Peg) is a red giant star located in the constellation Pegasus. With an apparent magnitude of 2.42, it is the second brightest star in Pegasus, after the orange supergiant Enif. Scheat […]

Mu Cephei

garnet star

Mu Cephei (μ Cep) is a red supergiant located in the constellation Cepheus. With an average apparent magnitude of 4.08, it is the 10th brightest star in the constellation. Also known as Herschel’s Garnet Star […]


Beta Andromedae

Mirach, Beta Andromedae (β And), is a red giant star located in the constellation Andromeda. With a mean apparent magnitude of 2.05, it is one of the two brightest stars in Andromeda, along with Alpheratz. […]

UY Scuti

UY Scuti is a red supergiant star located in the direction of Scutum constellation. With an estimated radius of 1,708 solar radii, it is currently the largest star known. It is classified as a pulsating […]