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betelgeuse star,alpha orionis

Betelgeuse, Alpha Orionis (α Ori), is a red supergiant star located in the constellation Orion, the Hunter.  It has an estimated radius about 764 times… Read More »Betelgeuse

T Tauri

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t tauri star,hind's variable nebula,ngc 1555

T Tauri is a young variable star located 471 light-years away in the northern constellation Taurus. With an apparent magnitude of 10.27, it is not… Read More »T Tauri


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deneb star,alpha cygni,brightest star in cygnus

Deneb, Alpha Cygni (α Cyg), is a class A supergiant located at an approximate distance of 2,615 light years from Earth. With an average apparent… Read More »Deneb